Why Are Grow Groups Important To You?

The Importance Of Grow Groups In Our FBCScottsdale Community

Darla Holmes | Director of Children’s Ministries and Grow Groups

At FBCScottsdale, we pride ourselves on community. We know what it feels like to feel the warmth of inclusion.  

If you were starting over finding a church, and you think you found the right “fit”, what would that feel like? People would learn your name, find out about you as a person. Stay connected week to week, reaching out to find you and show a true sense of caring. A relationship would become part of that experience.   


Grow Groups are an integral part of that experience in our community. FBCScottsdale is working to build that sense of relationship through our series of groups here. Most Grow Groups run 12 weeks, with breaks in between for other activities on our church calendar. In that time one of our many gifted teachers will lead a class on a variety of different topics. A survey was just conducted back in December, and it was helpful to see what classes several of our members would be interested in and challenged by.   


Building strong relationships helps us to feel included and find out other ways God is calling us to participate. My prayer is you start here. Join a class, get to know your Grow Group members, and let God take it from there. He will! God is always working when we let Him!   


During the next few weeks of January, I have asked a variety of past Grow Group members to personally share: Why Are Grow Groups Important? Here are a few of the responses:  


From Delilah: Grow groups help you to grow with those involved in the group. We live in such a fast-paced environment that sometimes doesn’t give us those opportunities. It’s a way of stepping outside your comfort zone and getting involved. God is always in charge, and I know for myself it is such a great feeling to give.  


From Yolanda: I recently had this conversation with a member who hasn't been attending any of the classes. My explanation was, participating in a grow group helps you to connect with other members of the church while learning. I like that there are several classes to choose from because it allows me to attend the one that best fits my needs. For example, the Crazy Love class was about learning how much God loves us and ways we can identify His love. Within the class, participants shared their experiences and offered answers and encouragement to questions.  


From Debbie: I seek to grow in my understanding of God's purpose for my life and how to pursue that purpose.  


It is incredible what God can do when we gather together in community. Please browse the Grow Group offerings. I encourage you to join one of our Spring classes and see how God uses the experience for our FBCScottsdale community. Our prayer is that you grow deeper in your personal walk with Christ. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.   


For more information on any of these exciting groups, please contact Darla at: dholmes@fbcscottsdale.org