Pastor Jim’s Book Has Been Published!

“Jesus Christ expects His followers to seek out the lost and invite them into a relationship with the Son of God. While the gay lifestyle contradicts scripture, the Church has a mandate to seek out gay persons and invite them to the Redeemer. How can churches do this with theological integrity and missional hospitality?

“The church easily welcomes sinners of other stripes into its midst. And yet, this issue confounds twenty-first century evangelical congregations. How can a community with an identity based in Scripture welcome those whose behavior contradicts the norms of that community? How is hospitality extended to gay persons in truth and love? What are the core elements, possibilities, and limits of that hospitality? How are evangelical churches showing this hospitality to gay persons?

“This book offers an approach for each church, pastor and lay leader to confront bad theology, poor practice, and take up the Great Commission to EVERYONE.”

“James H. (Jim) Coston is Lead Pastor of FBCScottsdale in Arizona. With more degrees than anyone should rightly possess, Jim remains mesmerized by God’s abundant love. God constantly surprises him with the innumerable opportunities for Jesus followers to show that love. Additionally, Jim enjoys the multi-discipline of triathlons and cheering for Manchester City Football.”

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