Not Today Satan

Current Sermon Series

Sermon Scripture for Sunday, January 29 - 2 Kings 19

We began a new series on Saturday night (Marathon weekend, after all) titled: Not Today Satan. On a television show some years ago, the protagonists were down and out. With enemies closing in who outnumbered the good guys, all seemed lost. One of the characters asked another as they all contemplated their demise, ”what do we say to the god of death?” That character, who was the youngest female character, and perhaps the strongest, replied, “Not today!”

That declaration is our title. What do we say when Satan seems to have won? Not Today Satan! What do we say to discouragement and fear? Not Today Satan! What do we say when we don’t get our prayers answered as we would want them, or we struggle, or we sin? Not Today Satan! What do we say when all seems lost, the enemies are closing in, we are outnumbered? Not Today Satan!

Leading us to Lent in late February, we will look at biblical episodes where it seems Satan has won. Righteousness will lose. The Devil will conquer. And in those stories we learn that even when things are their most dire and the odds makers wouldn’t give grace or truth or redemption a fighting chance, even then we can say through the power of Jesus, Not Today Satan!