Continuing Conversations

Join us Sunday, February 20 immediately after Worship In Winfield’s

When a guest fills out a Welcome card at FBCScottsdale, I send him/her an email. Part of that email thanks them for attending. Another part asks them to fill out a survey rating various aspects of their experience at FBCScottsdale, as in the message, the music, etc. we rate very highly in many areas, including as a friendly congregation. I appreciate that, and appreciate all you do to make that true. 

One comment we received in 2021 stuck with me. It noted that most of the congregation left right after service; there were few who remained and mingled. The commenter noted that this sad situation is true for many churches. Perhaps it is true for many churches; people come, exchange pleasantries and then head off to…home, afternoon activities, lunch. COVID has gotten us into the habit of not lingering. We have had one potluck since March 2020. We haven’t had many other meals together. We are used to keeping our distance and waving from afar. In losing chances to congregate, we lose opportunities to bond, share, and build on the Body of Christ at FBCScottsdale.  

Starting on Sunday, February 20, we will start a monthly gathering in Winfield’s after Worship. This is not a lunch, though we will have some finger food to tide you over. This is not an open-ended endeavor; we’ll end it at 12:15p. This is not a continuation of the sermon; but if you have questions, this is a great place to ask. We intend to provide a place to mingle, share, chat and converse with one another outside of Worship.  

 Plan to stick around a little longer on Sunday, February 20. I hope to see you and talk to you in Winfield’s right after Worship!