Youth Ministry Update

This year our junior high students went up to Prescott, AZ for UCYC camp. We spent 5 days in the mountains focusing on what God had to teach us. This time was so important for the youth to get away from all the distractions, including their phones, and really get to know God and each other better. They came back knowing more from the Bible, more about each other, several new card games, and some fun camp rhythms.

The theme of the camp was Legacy. We were in 1 Peter, learning about the Christians who came before us and the legacies they left behind. We learned that we are part of a legacy of misfits, included in a legacy of trials, blessed by a legacy of redemption, built into a legacy of community, and growing in a legacy of change. Our youth really connected to the speaker and several made commitments to renew their relationship with Christ.

Some of the most fun we had at camp was during all of our team games with the other churches. We were on the yellow team, and I am so proud of how our youth behaved. They were the life of the team! Leading chants, always willing to play all the games and give it their all, including the other churches, and making friends. There was a church there who didn't realize they were on the yellow team, so they had no supplies to get decked out in yellow. Every day, our youth shared whatever themed accessories they brought so that this other church could feel included and get in the spirit. They were such an encouragement and brought joy wherever they went.

I am so blessed to serve these youth and I was reminded why over and over again at camp. We had so much fun! And I know God touched so many of their lives during this time. Keep praying for these amazing jr. highers as they settle back into life.