From Our Youth :

  • Stephanie Hans - Grateful for the encouragement and participation of our youth at FBCSCOTTSDALE!!
  • Naiazsa G. - I'm grateful for my family.
  • Robyn J. - I’m grateful for the people in my life that God has put there to surround me with love and adoration. I am blessed to have so many wonderful people that are lights in my life.
  • Emma C. - I am thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me and I'm also thankful for all the support given to me by my family.
  • Hope C. - I am thankful for all the good and bad in my life, because it has taught me so much.
  • Chloe C. - I'm beyond grateful for my lovely sister.
  • Samantha C. - I'm grateful for friends who love me.
  • Bethany M. - The many seasons and adventures that leave us clinging to God, completely dependent on him with sincere gratitude in our hearts for his care, love, forgiveness, and sense of humor.

From Our Children :

  • Chloe is thankful for loving parents and going to church. 
  • Ella is thankful for her mom and the color pink. 
  • Sarah M is thankful for friends and family, God, and Church.  
  • Grayson is thankful for his teacher Ms. Simmons.  
  • Sarah L is thankful for going to the zoo! 
  • Melanie is thankful for cats and tables. 
  • Desmond is thankful for smelly Feet! 
  • Tobias is thankful for his cousin Hope, Disney movies, and pumpkin pie. 
  • LayLa is thankful for everything God created. 
  • Juliette is thankful for everyone alive and money. 
  • Michael is thankful for having nice parents and stuff. 
  • Emmy is thankful for sharks and vacation.

From Our Children’s Ministries Helpers :

  • Peter is thankful for his friends, family, and his students. 
  • Marc is thankful for sleep and Arizona Ice Tea Energy Herbal Tonic. 
  • Nae is thankful for friends. 
  • J is thankful for being alive.

From Kathi Stewart : I’m so grateful for my family. I’m thankful for my husband John. He is my best friend. Our children and grandchildren are such a blessing too. I’m thankful for my caregiving job and all my clients. I truly love my job. And I am also thankful for FBCscottsdale, and my church family. I work every Sunday, so have to miss worshiping in person most of the time. But I do watch it online! God is so good.

From Stan Crews: I am very thankful for Jan and Gary Tannenbaum. When Gayle and I came back to FBCS after being gone for 40 years, it was the Tannenbaum’s who reached out to us. The only real connection we had with the Tannenbaum’s was that I cut Jan’s father’s hair 50 years ago. They invited us to their home for dinner and got us involved in different aspects of FBCS church life. Gayle worked with Jan at Chaneni house and Gary and I have taught growth group classes over the last few years. It has been a real joy to do ministry together. 

From Shannon Crosier: I’m grateful for my family who have always supported and encouraged me, but even more so as my job changed over the last year and became more demanding of my time. They take care of the big and small stuff making, each day a little easier. 

From Yolanda Evans: I'm grateful for three things: (1) In December 2019, I was obedient to the Lord and visited FBCScottsdale; (2) In 2020, I became a member of FBCScottsdale and now have many friends that I also consider my extended family; and (3) With God's grace, this year I celebrated 50 years of life with my family and my FBCS friends/family. 

From Liz Jackson: I am grateful for the opportunity to visit distant family and friends, and to strengthen those relationships with time spent together. I am also grateful for a home, family and friends to return to. God is good. 

From Donna Lukemann: I am grateful that GOD woke me up this morning. 

From Kevin Olson: I am grateful for Linda and my new grandson. (See photo.)

Update fromLinda: she says their new grandbaby is doing well. His name is Cergio Miles Brown. He was born on Oct 27th, weighed 7 pounds, and was 19.7 inches.

From Drew Cline: I am very grateful for Amber Cline, my wife of four years. She is my partner-in-crime, sounding board, encourager, and best friend. She does an incredible job of supporting me in my work and teaching me how to relax. Some of my favorite things to do with her are playing games, watching shows, and singing ridiculously in the car together. She brings great joy to my life and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better life-partner. I thank God for her every day!