Freedom - A Study Of Galatians

Sunday Sermon Series


Galatians 4:1-11

Galatians is a fascinating book. Here, we get a lot of Paul’s autobiography. He fills in some of the gaps from Acts 9 and 15 to paint a self-portrait of one who has learned the perils of legalism the hard way. Legalism, the idea that we must earn God’s love, is a theme throughout Galatians. Obviously, Paul is against it, arguing that only the grace of Jesus sets us free.

Paul is also arguing against libertinism in Galatians. Think of libertinism as the opposite of legalism; it says that since Jesus died for my sins, I can sin as much as I want without consequences. This isn’t right either, because knowing God’s love fully changes us so that we flee from sin and cling to our Savior.

And only in the presence of our Savior do we truly find freedom – freedom from shoulds and oughts and have-to-dos and freedom from actions that push us from Jesus. Join with me as we work through Galatians this summer.