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Blue Christmas Service

Wednesday, December 14th at 7pm

On Wednesday, December 14, at 7p, FBCScottsdale will hold a Blue Christmas worship service in the Sanctuary. This service will contemplate scripture and spend time in prayer. As a body of believers, we will hear again of God’s presence with us in difficult times and His promise to deliver us to a place of peace and rest in the future.

Our society has built up Christmas into an unrealistic caricature of what happened in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. We typically associate Christmas with family gatherings and gifts and happiness flowing all over the place. As we are broken, so are our families—there are loved ones who have departed; many families contain broken relationships and, frankly, some families do not provide safe space. Shopping is an empty pursuit, often filled with more frustration than satisfaction. And the world does not take a break from conflict (physical or verbal) for this month.

If we read through the gospel nativities closely, we witness a world in strife. Jewish citizens had to return to their hometowns to be counted so that an Emperor half a world away could stroke his ego with that number. More localized, the Gospel presents a pregnant unmarried teen. A fiancé watches his betrothed grow more visible with child every day, knowing that the child is not his. And when the birth comes, they lack basic shelter and family support. No shopping, no family, and no peace.

Christmas gives us a glimpse of real life—messy, hard, difficult real life. We will embrace the truth of the nativity and the reality of our own lives on Wednesday, December 14, at 7p in the Sanctuary. Invite others who need to hear this message as we find comfort and solace in the birth of Jesus Christ!